"Before Ian came, we were facing some immediate financial need for one of the company’s projects. He was referred to us during this time when we were looking for options. This guy means business, and we started working on what we need. He was there from start to finish, and took care of everything we needed with our financing partners. Now we are working together for a more comprehensive financial plan for the company."


"EJV needed a loan to build a warehouse, and our financing partners were uncoordinated on how to package a deal for it. The process was going too slowly. Ian was referred to me and I was told he would be able to help. I was hesitant at first. I thought how could this young guy help me? I’m glad I was proven wrong! He and his team took care in studying the company, talked to me about my needs, and then started building a package that would work. A short while later, my building was funded. We are now working on bigger projects together, with more on the way. Thanks Ian!"